The Man That Rescues Dogs is a non-profit organisation established in 2013.

We’re making a documentary film about the homeless dogs in Thailand, and about Michael who dedicates his time and money to help them. Through this facebooksite we’ll update you with the latest news about the project.

This is him: https://www.facebook.com/michael.j.baines
Please support my work with the street dogs.

I feed around 75+ dogs per day, medicate them when they are sick, and after I gain their trust I will spay and neuter them.
I also find new homes for some dogs.
I am working alone, on the streets, and I am funding most of this from my own money.

For around 600 Baht per day (18 USD or 130 SEK or 12 GBP or 14 EURO) I can feed these dogs daily, medication not include.
I am lucky to have the municipality of Angsila, sponsoring a mobile vet, but in the other places outside his area I will have to pay.

You can choose different ways of supporting me and my work, here are some:

In Thailand:

Kasikorn Bank, Laem Thong Branch, 699 205 3869 Michael J. Baines

Or at my restaurant, Carrot in Bangsaen where I have a donation box.

In Sweden:
Rescue Dogs
Handelsbanken SHB, Mörby Centrum, Sweden.
Konto: 6920 834 941 538
BankGiro: 562-0166
The bankgiro, you can apply for Autogiro and donate monthly without the hassle of forgetting 🙂

Our Statutes

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