I feed around 75+ dogs per day, medicate them when they are sick, and after I gain their trust I will spay and neuter them.
I also find new homes for some dogs.
I am working alone, on the streets, and I am funding most of this from my own money.

You can choose different ways of supporting, please DONATE!

Feed 45 dogs for one day

Donate $15

Feed 90 dogs for one day

Donate $30

Your Choice

You decide how much to donate.
No amount is too small.

Free Amount

Run the foster home
for one day

Donate $40

Feed all 90 dogs and run the
foster home for one day

Donate $70

Other ways to donate

Funding sites
GiveAsia (Be A "The man that rescues dogs" Champion!!)

GiveAsia (The man that rescues dogs)

GoGetFunding (The Man That Rescues Dogs)

Thailand / ประเทศไทย

พรอมเพย์: 0818611164

ธนาคารกสิกรไทยสาขาเเหลมทอง เลขที่บัญชี 699 205 3869 ชื่อบัญชี Michael J. Baines

หรือที่ร้านอาหาร เเครอท Carrot บางเเสน มีกล่องรับบริจาคตั้งอยู่ที่นั่น


PromptPay: 0818611164

Kasikorn Bank, Laem Thong Branch, 699 205 3869 Michael J. Baines

Or at my restaurant, Carrot in Bangsaen where I have a donation box.


SWISH: 1235871066

Rescue Dogs
Handelsbanken SHB, Mörby Centrum, Sweden.
Account number: 6920 834 941 538
BankGiro: 562-0166
BIC/IBAN HANDSESS / SE10 6000 0000 0008 3494 1538

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